“Learning Development” focusses particularly on programmes that seek to enable students to build their success. Our goal is to “Empower students holistically on their learning pathways through nurturing, targeted and collaborative learning experiences.”
To implement peer assisted programmmes  to create shared spaces of learning, shared knowledge, and shared responsibility.
The Learning Development unit (Student Academic Development) conducts the following activities, aimed at providing opportunities for students to learn from and support each other in small groups, through the establishment of a range of peer-facilitated learning communities.
  • Providing a range of student development and support programmes, services, and activities (e.g., Mentoring, Tutoring and Success keys seminars that are offered as part of a collaborative partnership with faculties and integrated into academic programmes where possible.
  • Conducting workshops. The learning developers conduct workshops on request from lecturers via: Online, through Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Face-to-face.
  • Managing and training of tutors, mentors and all types of peer-assisted learning opportunities. The learning development unit (student academic development) collaborates with Faculty in managing the tutor and mentor programs, which includes the following: training, budget assistance, reporting and processing claim forms.